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Seven Reasons to Choose Advanced Online Driver License Training

  1. Several hundred high quality driver knowledge questions prepared by auto professionals for your training needs. Successfully tested in real classes and individually modified for on-line training format and ease use.
  2. Impressive high quality and high resolution 3D images for every question and answer to help you understand and learn material better and get prepared quicker.
  3. Driver knowledge tests with structure and content customized for each of the 50 states in the country. Take the test which is more likely offered in your state of residence and get passed from the very first attempt.
  4. Truly multilingual cyber class facility – CarGalaxies is the only on-line training channel in U.S. which supports multiple languages simultaneously. Take the test in your native language and then re-take the same test in English to increase your success rate in the final exam.
  5. Each subscription comes with one month of unlimited test sessions and free language switch while you learn.
  6. Easy upgradeable test difficulty level with additional questions in 25-50 question block increments. Start simple and go stronger as you learn.
  7. Flexible price line of training packages with incrementally increased complexity and price – choose the package which best fits to your knowledge level and budget. Want deeper knowledge and higher rate of success – upgrade to the more advanced package paying only a fraction of package normal price.

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