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Take Unlimited Free Driver Permit Tests Online in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Choose a Language for Your Training.
We are a nation of immigrants and diversity is what makes us unique. If you speak a language other than English and want to take a driver permit training in that language - you are in the right place. multilingual online training channel is the only training channel in the U.S. which supports simultaneously 7 parallel languages in driver knowledge tests. Many Driving License Centers in USA and Canada allow using alternative languages for written drivers license tests. If your State already supports your language – you are all set: take full training with us in your language and then take a final DMV exam on that language. If your State supports English only – no worries: take full training with us in your language and then switch to English to double check how you pass the same exam in officially accepted language.
Driver Permit Tests in Spanish are supported in the following States in the USA:

2. Select the Style for Your Online Driver License Test:
Training Style: Questions and Answers will be coming one-by-one. Every answered question will be immediately followed by your score and an explanation of what the correct answer should be.
Exam Style: Simulates real exam - you will be asked all questions one-by-one. A test result summary and explanation of the correct answer for each question asked will be deferred and shown at the end, after you complete your test.
* Exam style testing as well as test customization for each State are available for subscribed users only. All our subscribers also get two exclusive additional options:
  • Training customization for each State in USA.
  • Two important test re-take options to speed up your successful training.
3. Start Your Free Unlimited Training - Click the Button Below:

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