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Going to School Again ...

Whether you are a young person who wants to become a new driver or an experienced motorist who just needs to get his first driver license in United States you will be requested to complete an approved driving education and training course before you can get your license and legally drive in US.

Being equiped with right information about driving schools in your area can significantly improve your overal training experience and would help you to get successful result in a shorter and less stressfull manner.

The below checklist would assist you to get started and be more organized in finding and working with driving schools.
  • Decide what type of license you need
    Do you need a license to drive motorcycle, car / truck / SUV or you need commercial driving license?
  • Find local driving schools in your area
    You are not going to use driving school 100 miles away from your home. To find all driving schools close to your location use our advanced free school finder by ZIP code and Radius - just go to Find a School Near You tab in this page.
  • Compare local schools and pre-select top 3-5 best matches to create your short list
    Not all schools provide the same services and offer the same quality of training. Want to know how to find your best fit? Read our tips in Tips for Choosing Driving School tab in this page.
  • Call each school in the list and confirm that they do satisfy your training needs
    We live in ever changing world. Don't rely on any promotional statements made before - call to each school, speak with schools staff and make sure that they do provide services you expect to get.
  • Get a second opinion to make sure that you don't miss anything
    Double check - if you can - with colleagues, associates or neighborns about your schools of preference; visit state websites and forums to get the wider opinion pool. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Make your final selection
    Although changing schools down the road isn't forbidden it is not the best practice and generally is not recommended. Do your home work well and go with your best fit.
  • Get Started !!!
    Call elected driving school, schedule your training with them and start training.

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